5 Effective Ways to Reduce Your Criminal Sentence

Feeling helpless in the face of a potential prison sentence is normal; nevertheless, there are options available to help decrease the sentence. There are several avenues available through the judicial system to ask for forgiveness or lessen the severity of a sentence. Here are five realistic strategies for reducing your time behind bars:

Hire an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

Hiring a competent and experienced criminal defense lawyer is essential when you are facing criminal accusations. Your attorney will represent you in court while mounting a solid defense. Compassionate firms such as Purser Law will handle your case with sensitivity and a focus on you as a whole person. They work hard to make sure the resolution we reach solves the underlying problem that led to the criminal charges.  They will review the information at hand, talk to the witnesses, and search for weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. A capable attorney can negotiate reduced penalties or convince the judge to be forgiving in court. Both methods may reduce the potential sentences.

Negotiate a Plea Bargain

Plea deals are used for reducing criminal sentences. You, your attorney, and the prosecution will negotiate a plea deal that pleases everyone. The defendant usually admits guilt for a lesser charge in exchange for a reduced sentence. A plea deal can save the prosecutor’s office time and money compared to trial. However, you must have a competent attorney to ensure that any plea offer is fair and serves your best interests.

Cooperate with Law Enforcement

Cooperation with law enforcement may reduce sanctions for several criminals or complex criminal enterprises. This is especially true in multi-defendant cases. Prosecutors and judges may consider your valuable information, witness testimony, and case resolution assistance when determining your punishment. You should never cooperate with law enforcement without consulting your counsel. Your legal rights and physical safety will be protected.

Seek Alternatives to Incarceration

Depending on your case, alternative sentencing may help you avoid or reduce prison term. Probation, community service, inpatient or outpatient drug treatment, or house arrest all options. The severity of your offense, the length and kind of your criminal record, and the judge’s discretion determine your eligibility for these possibilities. Consult with your attorney to explore these options and make a solid case for alternative sentencing if it’s appropriate. Alternative sentencing may be right for you.

Show Genuine Remorse and Rehabilitation Efforts

By showing genuine contrition for your misdeeds and striving toward recovery, you can reduce your criminal sentence. Judges often examine an offender’s willingness to take responsibility and commitment to personal growth. Educational, counseling, or therapy programs may be needed to address the causes of your criminal behavior. Your attorney can help you present evidence of your efforts to the court, which may improve your case.


Facing a criminal sentence can be scary, but there are ways to decrease it. Criminal defense begins with a professional attorney who can guide you through the legal procedure and help you choose the best approaches. The appropriate strategy can affect your case, whether you negotiate a plea bargain, engage with law enforcement, investigate alternative sentencing choices, exhibit true regret and rehabilitation, or any combination of these. Remember that every case is different, so seek a lawyer for specialized guidance.

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