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How to Access Odyssey Indiana Mycase

The Odyssey Indiana Mycase has information about recorded documents and court cases for many counties in Indiana, including Delaware County. It also provides information about current court cases. This service is free to use and is available to anyone who is a resident of the state. However, you should review the Terms and Conditions before using this service.

Public Access to Court Records

Indiana has a new way to get access to court records online. The state’s court system has developed MyCase in collaboration with Tyler Technologies Inc. which allows people and organizations to access criminal and civil court records. This software is free for public use and is provided by the Indiana Supreme Court.

You can access the records of a person by case number, which is a combination of county and court, and case type. If you’d prefer a more detailed search, you can use the advanced search feature, which lets you refine your search by case type and case status. You can also refine your search by specifying a particular court.

Public access to court records for Odyssey Indiana mycause is a service offered by the Indiana Supreme Court and Tyler Technologies Inc. and overseen by the Office of Judicial Administration. The system has updated over 85% of the state’s caseload and is now available for public viewing. However, the Indiana Supreme Court and OJA may limit the scope and frequency of the system’s availability.

Odyssey Indiana Mycase Rights of Users

The Office of Judicial Administration (OJA) reserves the right to restrict the availability of MyCase and to restrict its features. It may limit the amount of information that users can view and use, and may impose other restrictions, such as compatibility with certain computer software. It may also suspend or terminate users’ access to MyCase. Users are also not permitted to copy, alter, publish, or transmit materials from MyCase in any way. Otherwise, they risk breaching contractual and intellectual property rights and may incur substantial civil penalties.

The MyCase Indiana website allows people to search for non-confidential cases filed in Indiana courts. Its goal is to provide public access to court information and official court records. The system is based on the Odyssey case management system, which strives to protect due process rights and minimize risk to individuals.

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