9 Signs You Need to Hire a Reckless Driving Lawyer

We all make mistakes. We might have done something reckless in the past.

Of course, the ones that cost you your driver’s license are hardly considered a light matter. Despite what you might have done in the past, you’re not alone.

As you seek the services of a reckless driving lawyer, you can recover from many of the problems associated with driving. Plus, you can clear your record for good.

To do so, you’ll need to build a strong case. Here are a few signs that you need the help of a legal professional. Be sure to keep each one in mind as you fight your traffic law case.

Charged With Leaving the Scene of an Accident

If you or someone you love has been charged with leaving the scene of an accident, you need to contact this traffic defense lawyer who specializes in reckless driving. If you or the other party involved in the accident incurred major property damage or required medical attention for injuries, you should absolutely get a lawyer specializing in reckless driving.

An experienced lawyer can help minimize sentencing and explain the legal consequences of leaving the scene of an accident. With that being said, hiring a lawyer sooner rather than later is important. 

Receiving Multiple Traffic Violations

If you have received multiple traffic violations due to reckless driving, it is time to take action. A lawyer will be able to help you lower your fines, lessen the penalties, or even get the charges dropped entirely. Look for signs such as offenses for driving without a license, suspensions for too many points, or a DUI charge.

If you find yourself falling deep into debt due to fines, go ahead and contact a lawyer. Make sure you understand all your rights and select the best lawyer for your situation.

Experiencing Difficulty Understanding Legal Documents

If you’re having difficulty understanding legal documents related to a reckless driving charge, it’s likely a sign that you should hire a lawyer.

An experienced lawyer will be able to provide you with insight and advice on how to address the issues that arise with a reckless driving charge. They will be able to explain the various legal documents to you in an understandable way so that you can make an informed decision about your case.

Additionally, they will be able to answer any questions you have and guide you through the legal process. A lawyer experienced in reckless driving cases can provide invaluable guidance and advice and will help ensure that you have the most successful outcome possible.

Wanting to Plead Not Guilty

Hiring a reckless driving lawyer when pleading not guilty is important if you find yourself facing reckless driving charges.

If you feel confused or overwhelmed by the complexities of the legal system, it is important to hire a skilled lawyer.

Asked to Attend Court

If you have recently been asked to attend a court hearing regarding a reckless driving charge, one of the first signs that you may need to hire a lawyer is if you do not understand the court process or how to present your case.

Additionally, it is always in your best interests to work with an experienced professional that can help guide you through the process.

The State is Requesting Jail Time

The state may be requesting jail time for a reckless driving conviction, so it is important that you have good legal representation. If you have a history of reckless driving, the state may be more likely to seek jail time instead of a lesser penalty.

When you find yourself in a position where jail time may be requested, contact a lawyer who can help protect your rights.

Consequences of the Charge Dramatically Impact Your Life

If you’ve experienced a serious accident involving reckless driving and you’re suffering from mental breakdowns and depression, it may be wise to seek the counsel of an experienced reckless driving lawyer. They can ensure your rights are protected and can create the best defense for your case. They can help get charges reduced or have the case thrown out if possible.

License is Suspended

If you are facing a license suspension for longer than normal, such as for one year, finding a lawyer to appeal the suspension is essential to getting your license reinstated. You also need to hire a lawyer if the arresting officer did not give you a written notice of your rights after the arrest or if you feel the ticket was issued in error.

Additional signs of needing to hire a lawyer include if you were in a car accident while driving recklessly, which resulted in injury to you or someone else, or if the court requires you to pay hefty fines and attend a driver’s education class.

Aggressive Prosecutor

A sign that you should consider hiring a lawyer is if the prosecutor is being excessively aggressive. Your lawyer can help you understand your options and can fight for a reduced penalty.

They can also advise you on how to protect your rights and fight unfair prosecution.

Don’t Hesitate to Reach Out to a Reckless Driving Lawyer

Hiring a skilled reckless driving lawyer when you are facing reckless driving charges is essential. Hiring a lawyer can help you fight for a reduced sentence or even a complete acquittal. Don’t hesitate to reach out to a lawyer if you need legal help.

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