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A Legal Guide on the Types of Abuse in Nursing Homes

If your loved one has recently entered a nursing home facility and is having some unease about it, you are not alone. Abuse in nursing homes is a very real and scary thing. In fact, 2 in 3 nursing home staff have admitted to committing abuse of older people.

But how can you know when your loved one is experiencing nursing home neglect or abuse? What signs should you be looking for?

We’ve got you. Read on to learn the different types of abuse in nursing homes so you can ensure that you’re loved ones are safe.


Physical abuse in nursing homes is any intentional act that results in bodily harm or pain to a resident. It is a serious issue that can be inflicted by a resident’s caretaker, another resident, or a visitor.

This abuse could include striking, pushing, shoving, slapping, or any type of force resulting in pain, injury, or disability. Signs of this abuse could include physical injuries, bruises, scratches, and marks. 

This should never be tolerated. If a nursing home resident is or will be harmed, you need to contact the authorities to investigate the incident and take appropriate action. You need to call a Greenville nursing home abuse lawyer like the one on the link so you can get justice for your loved one.


Verbal abuse in nursing homes can take many forms. Elderly residents may be subject to threats, belittling, humiliation, putdowns, and constant criticism. Not only can this type of abuse be emotionally damaging, it can leave an elderly person scared and confused.

To prevent such situations from occurring, you need to look for homes that have policies that protect their residents. Choose a nursing home that has surveillance. Make sure they have a system for reporting any suspicious behavior and strict disciplinary measures.


Psychological abuse involves making the resident fear or dreads certain situations. It could also come in the form of communicating hostility and making fun of their age or physical or emotional health. This type of abuse could also manifest in isolating elderly people or taking away their belongings.

In extreme cases, psychological abuse may involve psychological torture. This includes keeping them in complete silence or ordering them to do servile tasks. All these behaviors are morally wrong and can have significant detrimental effects on a person’s mental and emotional state. 


Financial abuse in nursing homes often takes the form of stealing, fraud, or misuse of funds. Many elderly nursing home residents are susceptible to this type of abuse due to physical or mental impairments. This can make them unable to determine if somebody is stealing from them or tell anyone that money or other assets are being stolen from them.

Caregivers can withhold money or property without proper permission. They can force residents to sign financial documents. Or they can also misuse money that should be going to the resident’s care. 

There Are Many Types of Abuse in Nursing Homes You Need to Be Aware Of

Abuse of the elderly is an unfortunate reality. However, by understanding the different types of abuse in nursing homes, you can better protect your loved ones. You can ensure that they’re getting the best elderly care and attention they deserve.

So be observant. If you’re concerned that your loved one may be the victim of some types of elderly abuse, contact an attorney immediately.

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