Are There Serious Repercussions For A Felony Charge?

If someone accuses you of committing a crime, you need to take that allegation extremely seriously. In Texas, a conviction for a misdemeanour carries severe implications, despite the fact that it is a lower offence than a felony. This is because Texas follows a stricter sentencing policy. As a result, you should make sure to always have a Texas misdemeanour DWI lawyer on your side to assist you in formulating a defence strategy and investigating all of your available legal options. A conviction for a misdemeanour not only involves the risk of serving time in jail, but it also includes the potential for other unintended consequences. The following is a list of typical consequences that can result from a conviction for a minor offence in Texas.

  • Penalties For A Class C Misdemeanor In Texas

Many violations of the law result in a sentence of incarceration as the appropriate punishment. A conviction for a Class C misdemeanour will not result in incarceration; however, a conviction for a Class B or Class A misdemeanour could. You should be aware of this fact. If you are found guilty of committing a Class B misdemeanour, you might spend up to 181 days in jail. On the other hand, if you are found guilty of committing a Class A misdemeanour, you could spend up to 365 days in jail.

  • Sanctions For Violations Of Texas Law

A conviction for a misdemeanour may, in every circumstance, result in a hefty financial penalty. The highest amount of money that can be fined for a Class C misdemeanour is $500. The maximum amount of money that can be fined for a Class B misdemeanour is $2,000, and the maximum amount that can be fined for a Class A misdemeanour is $4,000.

  • Consequences Of A Misdemeanor Dwi Offense Include License Suspension And Related Crimes

Those who are convicted of a misdemeanour DWI in Texas should anticipate facing consequences that are much more severe than those that were outlined above. Depending on the gravity of the crime, you could face consequences such as having your driver’s licence revoked for a set period of time, being required to have an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle, being ordered to attend and finish an alcohol education programme, and/or being placed on probation for a set period of time. These consequences are just some of the potential outcomes.

  • Misdemeanor Convictions May Result In The Loss Of Employment Or Restrictions On How You Can Earn A Living

If you are found guilty of a misdemeanour, it is possible that you may not be able to keep your current job or that you will not be able to be employed for certain types of positions in the future. This consequence is conditional on the type of offence that was committed.

Limitations On Plea Bargaining For Sexual Offenses That Involve Minors

Even though a conviction for certain sexual misdemeanours does not automatically necessitate inclusion on the sex offenders registry, the prosecutor may still request or compel such registration. This is because the prosecutor has the authority to do so. If you are placed on the sex offender registry, you are not allowed to reside in or visit a home that is within 500 feet of certain areas where children are present. These areas include schools, playgrounds, parks, daycares, and other locations where children congregate.

Final Thoughts

Conviction for a misdemeanour carries less severe penalties than for a felony, but it is nevertheless crucial to be aware of the serious and life-altering repercussions that can come as a result of a misdemeanour conviction. The penalties for a misdemeanour can be severe, including time in jail and a hefty fine. Your case can be handled by a skilled Texas misdemeanour defence attorney. To find out more, get in touch with the law firm.

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