Areni Shahinian Who is She ? Complete Story

Areni Shahinian, a remarkable figure in the legal profession who has overcome all obstacles and left a lasting legacy. She has forged a career unmatched by anybody else thanks to her unyielding resolve, intense hunger for justice, and indisputable talent. Today, we go into Areni Shahinian’s interesting life and career to explore her many contributions and explore the various reasons why she is regarded as a visionary in her own right. Explore her inspiring tale with us as we reveal the successes, overcomers, and pearls of wisdom that will definitely inspire you to create your own imprint on this always changing legal landscape.

Areni Shahinian Background

Areni Shahinian is an outstanding lawyer who has had a big impact on the legal community. 

Areni Shahinian was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon, and moved to the United States with her family at the age of nine. Shahinian graduated from Barnard College with a degree in economics, and later attended Columbia Law School where she received her Juris Doctorate. After graduation, Shahinian clerked for Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit and practiced law for several years before establishing her own law firm, Fielding LLP.

Shahinian has had a distinguished career in law, most notably as the Founding Partner of Fielding LLP, which became one of Manhattan’s leading litigation firms. In this position, she represented some of the world’s largest corporations including Morgan Stanley, Xerox Corporation, Citigroup International Operations Inc., Bank Leumi USA Corp., Prudential Financial Inc., KeyBank National Association (USA), JP Morgan Chase & Co., UBS AG and M&T Bank Corp..

Shahinian has also made a significant impact on legal education by serving as Chairwoman and Chief Executive Officer of New York Law School (NYLS) from 2007-2013. During her tenure at NYLS, she led a transformation of the law school into one of the most esteemed institutions of its kind in America. Additionally, Shahinian is a member of numerous legal organizations including The American Bar Association.

Areni Shahinian LinkedIn profile is available for information.

Achievements as an Attorney

As an Attorney, Areni Shahinian has achieved a great deal. Her client representation is well-known, and she has built a strong national reputation for her court work.

Areni Shahinian started her legal career as a litigator, but she soon came to the conclusion that she much preferred to defend ordinary persons in civil actions over businesses or governmental bodies in criminal or civil court. Her two mentors, one of whom was an attorney when she first began law school and the other of whom is today a well-known appellate counsel, are responsible for this shift in emphasis, according to the speaker.

Areni Shahinian’s success as a lawyer can be credited to her commitment to her clients, solid work ethic, and adept advocacy. She is well-known for going above and beyond for her clients, even if it means working late into the night or staying on the phone until midnight with one client in particular.

Areni Shahinian Skills as an Attorney

Areni Shahinian’s experience as both a litigator and civil trial lawyer makes her an effective advocate on behalf of her clients. Her track record shows that she is skilled at making persuasive arguments in front of judges and juries, which often results in favorable judgments for her clients.

One of Areni Shahinian’s most notable achievements as an Attorney came during the 2007 Virginia Tech shootings trial. This case involved charges brought against four students accused of killing 32 people during a massacre on campus. The trial proved to be one

Contributions to Law and Society

On the surface, Areni Shahinian may have looked like any other young woman growing up in Los Angeles. But despite her typical teenage angst and problems with acne, Shahinian was always interested in law. In fact, at age thirteen she began taking online courses to become a lawyer. She later studied at the University of Southern California School of Law, where she obtained her Juris Doctor degree in 2003…

Although Shahinian undoubtedly faced many hurdles during her legal career- such as discrimination and blatant misogyny- she never gave up on her goals or dropped her determination to make a difference for women in law. She has dedicated her life to fighting for civil rights and creating opportunities for all individuals, regardless of gender or ethnicity.

TALSA: The Asian Law Caucus and co-founding the nonprofit organization Jenner & Block LLP, which offers legal aid to low-income families, are just a few of Shahinian’s notable achievements.

Areni Shahinian is a skilled lawyer who has made significant contributions to both society and the law. She has a history that is typical of the many attorneys who want to improve their communities.

Areni Shahinian is a seasoned lawyer and public servant who has significantly influenced both society and the law. She was raised in a legal family, thus she is a product of the legal system. Shahinian attended UCLA for her education, where she graduated with a juris doctorate in 1991. After earning her degree, she worked as an associate at a sizable law firm before beginning her career as a litigation trainee at the Department of Justice in 1994.

Areni Shahinian Worked With

In 2009, Shahinian, who worked his way up the Department of Justice’s ranks, appointed Assistant Attorney General for civil rights. She promoted causes like voting rights, school reform, and immigrant rights when she was working at DOJ. Shahinian appointed as the National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty’s deputy director by then-President Barack Obama in 2013.

Shahinian oversaw the center’s work on various national issues affecting low-income families and individuals in her capacity as deputy director. She also actively involved in giving underprivileged communities around the nation legal assistance. Shahinian proposed by President Obama in 2016 for the position of US District Judge for the Central District of California. Later that year, when the Senate had approved her candidacy, she began serving in that capacity.

Shahinian has earned a reputation for standing out for marginalized groups and has significantly impacted both the legal community and society at large. She is a distinctive attorney with expertise working both inside and outside of governmental organizations; this gives her special insights into how to handle judicial cases.

Last Thoughts

Areni Shahinian is a role model for legal women. She has devoted her life to serving the public and has had a profound influence on the American judicial system. Areni Shahinian has battled for equality and rights for her clients as a lawyer. She has aided in opening doors for other female attorneys and is a supporter of diversity in the legal profession. Areni Shahinian is a role model for women lawyers globally, and her work demonstrates that everything is possible with enough commitment and hard effort.

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