Carin T Fujisaki Everything You Need To Know About

A skilled lawyer with extensive expertise, Carin T Fujisaki has defended clients in federal courts and focuses on a variety of legal issues. In addition, Ms. Fujisaki has dealt with a great deal of intricate legal matters pertaining to real estate, contracts, business, and family law.

For more than 25 years, Ms. Fujisaki has been a practicing attorney. In Los Angeles, California, she started her legal career as an Associate Attorney at Gibson, Dunne & Crutcher LLP. Later on, she rose to the position of Partner in the Newport Beach, California-based Miller, Starr & Regalia LLP firm. She established The Fujisaki Law Group, an Irvine, California-based legal practice, in 2009.

Harvard Law School and the University of California, Berkeley are both attended by Ms. Fujisaki. She is admitted to practice law in both California and New York, and she speaks Japanese fluently.

Which Legal Specializations Does Carin Have?

With over 30 years of expertise and a license from Hawaii, Carin T. Fujisaki is an expert in a wide range of legal matters. She has represented clients in situations including personal injuries, workers’ compensation, Social Security disability, divorce, child custody, and child support in addition to family law.

In addition, Carin has expertise in general civil litigation, real estate matters, business creation and transactions, and estate planning and probate. She has worked as a judge pro tem for the First Circuit Court of Hawaii and as a mediator for the Hawaii State Bar Association’s Fee Dispute Resolution Program in addition to her private practice.

Whatever your legal problem, Carin T. Fujisaki has the skills and background to support you in getting the best result. Reach out to her right now to arrange a consultation.

Working with Carin T. Fujisaki Has Its Advantages

Nothing less than the best is to be expected when working with Carin T. Fujisaki. With a plethora of legal experience, she is a highly sought-after lawyer. Her clientele has included families, individuals, and Fortune 500 corporations. No matter the extent or nature of your legal issue, Carin T. Fujisaki will give you the competent counsel you require.

Dealing with Carin T. Fujisaki has a lot of advantages. She is first and foremost a highly knowledgeable legal expert. Over her career, she has handled innumerable cases and is skilled at navigating the legal system to achieve favorable outcomes for her clients. She also fiercely defends her clients’ rights. Carin will battle nonstop to defend your rights and interests, no matter what the situation. She possesses a track record of accomplishment. Her court victories demonstrate her ability to obtain favorable outcomes.

Nobody is more qualified than Carin T Fujisaki to handle a legal situation that you may be facing. Get in touch with her right now to talk about your case and find out more about how she can support you in getting the results you want.

Samples of Ms. Fujisaki’s Prior Achievements

As an experienced and accomplished lawyer, Ms. Fujisaki has handled matters in a broad range of legal disciplines. She has given legal advice in corporate transactions and represented clients in court, mediations, and arbitrations. On multiple occasions, Ms. Fujisaki has effectively negotiated advantageous settlements for her clients.

A few noteworthy instances of Ms. Fujisaki’s prior accomplishments are as follows:

  • Achieving a settlement of $1 million for a client wounded in an automobile accident
  • Achieving a compensation of $250,000 for a client who was wrongly fired from her position
  • Aiding a client in getting a protective order against a violent spouse

Ms. Fujisaki’s clients have continuously complimented her on her commitment, empathy, and legal expertise. Her meticulous attention to detail and extensive legal understanding have always contributed to her success. Should you encounter any legal obstacles, you may rest assured that Ms. Fujisaki will do every effort to ensure you receive the most favorable result.

What Distinguishes Carin From Other Lawyers?

Renowned and well-respected lawyer Carin T. Fujisaki has been in the legal profession for more than 20 years. She has defended clients in a broad range of court cases, including commercial law, criminal defense, and family law. She is a fantastic alternative for anyone in need of legal aid due to her experience and knowledge.

Carin’s commitment to her clients and her results-driven style of legal representation distinguish her from other lawyers. She has a track record of success in court and consistently acts in her clients’ best interests. You can be sure that you are getting an accomplished and informed lawyer who will stand up for you at every turn when you choose Carin to defend you.

How Do Customers Get in Touch with Ms. Fujisaki?

By using her website, you may quickly contact Carin T. Fujisaki if you have any queries or if you need legal assistance. Here is a list of her contact details:

  • Call them at (213) 947-7474.
  • Send emails to
  • 801 S Grand Ave #2400, Los Angeles, CA 90017 is the mailing address.

She is very active on social media sites like LinkedIn and Twitter. Usually, Ms. Fujisaki responds to communications within a day.

Carin T. Fujisaki is an expert in all areas of law, and she practices a wide variety of them. She is a renowned attorney who has represented clients in a broad range of legal cases, including commercial and family law. Whatever your legal problem, Carin T. Fujisaki can assist you in finding a solution.

In the legal field, Carin T Fujisaki is a highly regarded and accomplished lawyer. She has a superb reputation as one of the best attorneys available because of her focus to offering personalized legal solutions and her commitment to excellence. She works hard to continuously offer her clients ethical, high-quality legal services at a reasonable price.


What kind of legal practice does Carin T Fujisaki have?

Attorney Carin T. Fujisaki handles all areas of law. This covers not just corporate law but also family law. She can assist you in resolving any legal difficulty you may be facing.

What kinds of cases has Carin T Fujisaki worked on?

Carin T. Fujisaki has experience with a variety of matters, including commercial conflicts, divorces, and child custody cases. She can assist you in resolving any legal issue you may have because of her extensive experience in all areas of the law.

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