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Choosing The Perfect Criminal Lawyer: 4 Keys You Need to Know

There are certain moments in life when identifying how to move forward becomes especially delicate. Especially if this, in part, will depend on the degree of professionalism of a third party. The choice of a quality criminal lawyer, such as Josh Smith Legal Criminal Lawyers, will have a direct impact on the results of any trial or judicial procedure. In fact, it can make the difference between obtaining the best possible outcome or, on the contrary, being sentenced as guilty. But how do you identify the perfect criminal lawyer? Below, we share with you some keys to achieve this. Take note!

The Human Component: Don’t Overlook It

When facing criminal charges, it is totally natural to experience certain feelings of uncertainty. In these cases, the situation can become even more unpleasant if you hire a defense attorney who is not completely involved and makes you perceive that his commitment to your case is not total. The main function of a criminal lawyer is to demonstrate complete dedication and his availability will be unconditional whenever the client perceives some type of mishap or is assailed by any type of doubt. Although it is true that determining whether our lawyer is effective in this sense can be relatively complicated, there are some signs that can help us identify that we are dealing with the right professional. For example, how quickly you respond to emails, how easy it is to reach you, or how willing you are to arrange a meeting with your legal team can shed light on this. Has your first meeting been scheduled for the next 24 hours? In that case, it is very likely that you are facing a reliable and involved criminal lawyer. Taking this aspect into account is essential and should not be overlooked. A criminal process can lead to great stress and the important thing is to find bases of support that make the experience as easy as possible.

Restrict Your Search Only to Profiles Specialized in Criminal Law

At first, this advice may seem obvious. However, the truth is that there are a large number of law firms that provide criminal defense services without being specialized in it. To avoid this type of situation, it is preferable to opt for a private lawyer. To increase our chances of success, the most reliable thing is to allocate a reasonable period to research and select a good private lawyer who, in addition to having the appropriate training, is backed by a solid track record. In order to verify these requirements, it is enough to review the website of each professional and their resume, and, of course, make the necessary phone calls to obtain information about the type of cases they have previously worked on. This information is of vital importance to be able to compare whether, in fact, we are faced with the most effective alternative and the professional that best adapts to the particularities of our case and our specific needs.

What About The Fees?

The degree of transparency that exists in the contractual relationship constitutes a peremptory factor of trust, as well as a source of control and planning. The financial field is one of those issues that must be clarified from the beginning. Those professionals who provide a clear quote stipulating their fees without hiding any type of commission or additional expenses should be our main objective. Although it is not common, there are lawyers who do not deal with the financial issue with sufficient clarity or who even specify what their total fees are during or after the trial. Solution? Secure the relationship with a written contract that reflects the specific fee that is agreed upon a priori. Avoid those proposals that try to avoid this step or that are not completely transparent if what you want is to have some financial peace of mind! 

What Are Your References?

As happens in any segment, the search for a qualified and fully reliable professional can generate more than one headache when, in a heavily digitalized world, we can access a large volume of professionals with just a few clicks. A good way to speed up the process and minimize the possible risks inherent in this search is to pay attention to references. Give priority to those that are sufficiently solid. Starting to inquire from trusted people, such as friends or family, can be a good way, perhaps one of them knows the lawyer you are looking for. However, when these avenues are exhausted or, for whatever reason, are inaccessible, it is best to refine our searches and try to obtain solid and verifiable sources of information about the lawyer in question. What do your previous clients say? Is there a trace of your lawyer in the media and specialized press? If so, it is probably a professional with some notoriety and, therefore, worthy of trust.

So, have you got the point? We hope so!

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