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Doxpop Kentucky – How Doxpop Works in Kentucky

A Doxpop Kentucky account is a great way to reduce the burden of office operations and comply with open access principles. This service protects the privacy and security of your clients’ data by storing it in a secure database separated from court systems. Doxpop also bears reasonable costs that are associated with providing open access to court records. Doxpop is an Indiana company that provides court e-filing services and works with local and state officials to aggregate public information from every Indiana county.

The Doxpop Kentucky Department of Corrections maintains its online database of criminal records. However, it takes 120 days for new offender data to entered. This may be an inconvenience if you want to look up an offender’s status. Kentucky has two separate courts for criminal matters: the District Court and the Circuit Court. A felony can land you in state prison, and it’s possible to get a lengthy sentence. Two counties in Michigan, into a single public database. We seek solutions that provide easy access for all without creating a publicly funded subsidy for the businesses that use public information professionally.

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