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Employment Lawyer in Los Angeles, CA – Assisting with Harassment and Labor Claims

If your employer has violated your rights, it would be prudent to consult an employment lawyer in Los Angeles. They understand how local courts operate and will have up-to-date knowledge regarding changes in employment law that could impact your case.

Legal Representation

Los Angeles Employment Lawyers provide legal assistance for employees experiencing various employment law issues, such as harassment, wrongful termination and wage and hour violations. An experienced lawyer can help build your case to show how your rights were violated and get you the compensation that is rightfully yours from your employer. The cost of hiring one will depend upon which law firm is chosen as well as its fees structure (some charge a flat rate while others work on contingency basis).

California employment attorneys are skilled at guiding you through the various federal and state laws regulating employee relations, which aim to protect workers against discrimination, harassment, retaliation and unsafe working environments in the workplace. Minimum safety standards must be met by employers to guarantee safe working environments for their workers.


No matter the basis – be it race, religion, sexual orientation, age, gender identity, pregnancy or disability – employers cannot discriminate against employees at work. If you suspect such discrimination has taken place against you in Los Angeles it is vitally important that a Los Angeles Employment Lawyer assist with filing complaints with either the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or DFEH and taking legal action against your employer for violating California state law violations as soon as possible.

An experienced attorney can gather evidence from emails, social media posts and other sources of data to establish that you were victimized by workplace discrimination. He or she can question coworkers who might have seen what you claim was unfair treatment in order to corroborate your claims and substantiate them with coworkers who witnessed it themselves. They can file a retaliation suit against your employer as well.

Modern society might lead one to expect that workplace discrimination would no longer be a concern; yet it still occurs too frequently and victims often endure years of emotional anguish before finding alternative employment – particularly if the discrimination damages their reputation and quality of life for them and their family members.

An employer could violate the Equal Pay Act, which stipulates that women should be compensated equally with men when performing identical jobs. An experienced Los Angeles Discrimination Lawyer will fight hard on your behalf to secure that compensation is made available.

Your Los Angeles Employment Lawyer may award punitive damages if the discrimination was particularly malicious or reckless, in order to punish those responsible and discourage others from engaging in similar behaviors. A successful discrimination suit can even result in you returning to the same or comparable job of equal seniority.

Wrongful Termination

Law in California dictates that employees may be fired at any time for any reason; however, any instance where an employee is terminated based on discrimination or in violation of public policy constitutes unlawful termination and can have severe financial repercussions for them as well as being illegal. It is imperative that anyone who was wrongfully terminated seek legal advice as soon as possible in order to better understand their options for justice.

As read from this link, a wrongful termination claim can be complex and involve allegations of sexual harassment, age and disability discrimination, retaliation, breach of contract disputes and wage and hour disputes in the workplace. Los Angeles wrongful termination lawyers conduct a comprehensive investigation into your case before providing honest assessments of legal options available to you based on what they find during their investigation.

Depending on their findings, your lawyer could assist in filing complaints with government agencies such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or equivalent state-wide agencies as well as in filing civil actions for unlawful termination claims against employers in court.


No matter if it interferes with your ability to work, lowers your pay or results in life-altering situations such as wrongful termination or harassment, employment lawyers can help you understand and enforce your rights. California has some of the most progressive employment laws in the nation – yet not all employers fully comprehend or comply with them.

Harassment refers to unwelcome verbal, physical or electronic conduct that is so persistent, severe or severe it creates an intimidating work environment. Harassment also includes offensive jokes or comments based on protected classes like race, religion, gender, age, disability, skin color national origin which cause mental and emotional harm to its target.

If you have been subjected to harassing behavior, you can report it by following any established protocols within your company or employee handbook. Alternatively, contact local or federal government agencies if your employer fails to take appropriate actions and address the situation quickly enough. It is vital that any form of harassment be reported quickly so appropriate action can be taken swiftly by employers and authorities.

Once you have filed a formal complaint (example:, an experienced Los Angeles Employment Lawyer can assist in taking further steps to safeguard your rights. This may involve filing with local or federal governments if your employer does not act adequately; filing suit if harassment continues are all options available to protect yourself from this action.

Many lawyers in California represent both English and Spanish-speaking clients throughout Southern California in employment-related cases relating to wrongful termination, wage and hour claims and workplace harassment. The best employment lawyer is committed to safeguarding their rights while finding solutions through vigorous litigation. Call their offices now for a (likely) free consultation with one of our Los Angeles wrongful termination attorneys – they can meet you anywhere that’s convenient – from your home, place of business or any other convenient location!

Experienced LA employment attorneys can provide both expert legal advice and the support you need during this stressful period. They can assess evidence and witnesses to identify the best course of action and estimate damages awarded should your claim succeed.

When selecting an employment law attorney or law firm, look for one with a strong reputation in their field as well as many positive testimonials and reviews. Make sure your chosen firm specializes exclusively in employment law so they can dedicate sufficient resources to handling your claim effectively.

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