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Getting Out Of A New York Traffic Ticket With Legal Aid

You likely received a traffic ticket when pulled over for a traffic violation while driving in New York. It can be extremely frustrating because even though you may have broken the law, not everyone does so and has their actions penalized. However, there are ways that you can get a traffic ticket removed from your record if you take the right steps. 

For example, with the help of Feifer & Greenberg, LLP, you can ensure that they can protect your rights. They also can help you in new circumstances that do not make things difficult for you in the future. New York’s reckless driving laws allow police officers to issue traffic tickets to drivers they deem dangerous on the road. But, unfortunately, it means that just having an offense or two on your record will make it harder for you to get jobs, rent apartments, or secure loans in the future. 

Moreover, it is important to note that you cannot challenge any errors made by a court, which is why you must consult with a lawyer before taking action. The great news is that with the assistance of legal aid, it may be possible to avoid paying the fine or having points added to your license. You must know about getting out of a New York traffic ticket.

Options For Getting Out Of A Traffic Ticket.

As soon as you look out that you got a traffic ticket and believe that you got an issue in error, you can contact an attorney to see if they can help. The first step is finding a reputable New York traffic ticket lawyer and knowing your options. It will also be key for your defense if the case goes to court. If you don’t have a lawyer, then you should still do all of the following: 

  1. Contact the police department.
  2. File a DMV hearing request.
  3. Ask for a hearing with the judge at the DMV.
  4. If you go to court without a lawyer and represent yourself, ask for certified transcripts supporting your case.

Get Legal Aid From A Lawyer.

When you have received a traffic ticket and are afraid that you will lose your job over it or run into other issues in the future, then legal aid is necessary. You need to get an attorney who knows what they are doing to help with your case. 

Make sure you get legal aid before anything else because you could land into more trouble if you don’t. It is necessary if you have just consulted with someone from the beginning.

Lawyer Can Gather All The Evidence To Prove Your Innocence.

Take help from a lawyer in gathering evidence for your case. You can consult Feifer & Greenberg, LLP. Ensure that you hire an experienced attorney in this area of law and that they have been successful with similar cases. 

Whether you are guilty or not, you need to remain calm and keep thorough documentation of your case. If you feel guilty, you will be fined and sentenced accordingly. If you need to fight the charges, then be prepared for anything that could come against your case.

An Attorney Can File A Motion To Dismiss The Ticket.

You will do it by taking the ticket and filing a motion to dismiss it. You must file these motions with the correct court because your actions must be legal and not something illegal. A motion to dismiss is typically filed with the court where you received your traffic ticket, but it can also be filed in other courts if necessary. 

Once you complete this step, you will have to wait at least ten days before you get a response from the judge on whether they will hear your case or not. This process may take up to a month before the judge decides on your action if the court judge does not find that there was enough evidence against you for them to hold a trial in their court. 

Then many things could happen, such as:

  1. The judge may order that you not appear for further hearings about this matter.
  2. The judge may simply order an adjournment (a postponement of proceedings until later).
  3. The judge may order an entry of judgment against you without hearing your case (this means that it doesn’t matter what happens, you already lost the case).

Go To Trial After Granting Your Motion.

After the court grants you a motion to dismiss, you can go to trial. If the court dismisses your case, it will not appear on your driving record, and you will no longer have the points against your license.

However, Getting a new job can affect your employer’s ability to see that you have no driving history. If this happens, they can only see one or two offenses on the record. Therefore, if you want to prevent the penalties of a reckless driving ticket, you must immediately hire a New York traffic ticket lawyer.

After Win, Your Trial Pay The Ticket.

After winning your trial, don’t let the victory go to your head. Make sure you pay for the ticket. If you don’t, you could owe a lot more money than the original fine. New York traffic ticket lawyers have seen it all before people who think they can beat the system and get away with not paying their ticket. 

But it’s not that simple. If you don’t pay your ticket, the court can issue a warrant for your arrest. And if traffic police caught you driving with a warrant out for your arrest, you could face serious consequences. So, congratulations on your trial victory. But before you get too excited, pay for the ticket.


Reckless driving is a traffic offense in which an individual drives dangerously and negligently. The driver violates the reckless driving law when the driver displays no regard for the safety of others, disregards the traffic laws, or covers up their mistakes. 

Moreover, if you have received a New York traffic ticket, you may be able to get out of it with the help of Feifer & Greenberg, LLP. These lawyers are familiar with the law and can help you to avoid paying a fine or getting points on your license.

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