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How To Do NY eCourts Login and eTrack

For the purpose of accessing case information online, NY eCourts Login provides a free online service, and users can login to this database using their PACER username and password. This system also allows users to add specific cases to their account using the e-Track feature. Users may also subscribe to subscription services that allow access to dockets.

NY eCourts Login Information Service

eCourts is a free online service that provides access to court case information, including case history and court documents. It also provides case notifications via email, calendar, and appearance reminders. Users can access the latest court cases in New York State’s Civil Supreme Court and Local Civil Courts. In addition, they can sign up for eTrack case tracking services and receive email updates about their cases.

If you have questions about e-Courts or would like to receive an email regarding your case, you can contact the eCourts Services Team at the Superior Court Clerk’s Office. If you are not receiving email notifications, please wait for the next available email. The e-mails begin with “Electronic Access Program” and your subscriber information.

e-Courts also contains case information for criminal and civil courts throughout New York State. Users may search by Index Number, Party Name, Attorney/Firm Name, and Court. Users can also search for calendars for specific Courts and Judges.

e-Track Allows a Registered User to Add Specific Cases to the Account

E-Track is a free court service that allows a registered user to search for and add specific cases to an account. The service also offers case updates and centralized access to all cases. Its “alert” function lets you know about changes in a case in nearly real time. This eliminates the need to continuously monitor the status of an individual case.

Using E-Track is easy and convenient. The service lets registered users search for cases in most New York courts. A case can be searched by index number, party name, attorney or law firm name, and judge assigned to the case. Users can also search for cases based on a court’s location by county.

PACER Username and Password for NY eCourts Login

The PACER website is for official PACER users only. The federal judiciary monitors all activities, including attempts to access and use the system, to ensure its security and maintenance. When you subscribe to PACER, you expressly agree to this monitoring. If you attempt to access the website for any purpose other than to access court-related information, the federal government may report your activity to law enforcement.

Public access to PACER documents costs about 10 cents per page. A single document costs about $3. Some individuals and groups may be eligible for free access to the site. If you’re a litigant, you may also be able to get the documents for free.

Subscription Services Provide Access to Dockets

Subscribers can access a variety of court dockets for a fee, including cases pending in New York state. Although the scope of coverage is not nearly as comprehensive as eCourts, subscription services offer improved search capabilities. Users can lookup information by docket number or judgment number. Search results include the names of parties and other relevant information. In addition, the information can be viewed in real time. New court data is made available instantly, which means that any documents filed in a case will be available to the public.

Once subscribed, attorneys can view any number of court cases in real time. Once a case is identified, the attorney can receive email notifications as they occur. They can also schedule appearance reminders. The system tracks active cases in the Civil Supreme Court for all 62 counties in New York, as well as cases in the Local Civil Courts of thirteen counties.

New York State Courts E-Filing is a comprehensive database of civil cases filed in the state’s courts. WebCivility provides detailed information about the parties and attorneys in each case. Users can also view calendars of upcoming court appearances by Party or Attorney.

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