How To Get Wardens Law Adept

Warden’s Law is a legendary hand cannon in Destiny 2 that has gained popularity among players for its strong perks and high damage output. However, it also has an even more coveted version – the Warden’s Law Adept.

This exclusive version of the weapon can only be obtained by completing the Grandmaster Nightfall version of The Insight Terminus strike on Master difficulty or higher. It is a tough challenge that requires skilled gameplay and coordination with your fireteam. But the reward is worth the effort.

The Warden’s Law Adept is a powerful variant of the base weapon, with improved stats and unique perks that make it stand out from other hand cannons. One of its most notable perks is “Feeding Frenzy,” which greatly increases reload speed after every kill. This makes it ideal for taking down multiple enemies quickly.

In addition, this adept version also comes with an intrinsic trait called “Aggressive Burst.” This causes each bullet fired from Warden’s Law to split into two projectiles upon impact, effectively doubling its damage potential. This added burst damage makes it perfect for dealing massive damage to bosses or high-level enemies.

What is Warden’s Law Adept and why is it desirable?

Warden’s Law Adept is a highly coveted hand cannon in Destiny 2, known for its unique perk and powerful performance. It is considered one of the best weapons in the game and is desired by many players. In this section, we will explore what exactly Warden’s Law Adept is and why it is desirable.

Firstly, Warden’s Law Adept is a legendary kinetic hand cannon that was introduced in Season of Opulence. It can be obtained from the Menagerie activity on the Leviathan or through random drops from completing Gambit Prime matches. The weapon has a maximum power level of 1360 and requires annual pass ownership to obtain.

Now, let us dive into what makes Warden’s Law Adept so desirable among players. One of the main reasons for its popularity is its unique perk called “Fourth Time’s the Charm.” This perk allows players to rapidly fire two bullets with each pull of the trigger after landing four consecutive precision shots. This creates a deadly effect against enemies as it essentially doubles your damage output without having to reload.

The Steps to Obtain Warden’s Law Adept

If you’re a Guardian in Destiny 2 looking to add the highly coveted Warden’s Law Adept hand cannon to your arsenal, then you’ve come to the right place. This powerful weapon boasts top-tier perks and a unique fire rate that sets it apart from other hand cannons. But obtaining this powerful weapon requires completing specific activities and undertaking some challenges. In this guide, we’ll provide a detailed breakdown of the steps you need to take to get your hands on Warden’s Law Adept.

Step 1: Complete The Nightfall Strike “The Corrupted”

The first step towards obtaining Warden’s Law Adept is completing The Corrupted nightfall strike. This strike was introduced with the Forsaken expansion and takes place in the Dreaming City. To access it, players must have completed all main story missions in Forsaken and reached a power level of at least 560.

Once you have unlocked The Corrupted nightfall strike, complete it on any difficulty level to obtain your first piece of the puzzle – The Militia’s Birthright grenade launcher.

Step 2: Obtain The Twilight Oath Sniper Rifle

After completing The Corrupted strike, head over to Petra Venj in the Dreaming City and complete her weekly Ascendant Challenge bounty. Upon completion, players will receive an offering for Mara Sov’s Throne World where they can find hidden chests containing various loot drops. One of these chests has a chance of dropping The Twilight Oath sniper rifle.

Alternatively, players can also try their luck at farming blind well activities as this weapon can also drop from Tier 4 or Heroic completions.

Step 3: Complete Shattered Throne Dungeon

To obtain the third and final piece needed for Warden’s Law Adept – Horror Story auto rifle – players must complete the challenging Shattered Throne dungeon in its entirety. This dungeon is only available when Destiny’s strongest curse cycle is active in the Dreaming City.

Step 4: Complete The Ascendant Challenge For Masterworking

Once you have all three weapons – The Militia’s Birthright, Twilight Oath, and Horror Story – equip them and complete Petra Venj’s Weekly Ascendant Challenge bounty. This will grant players access to a Masterworked version of Warden’s Law which is needed for the Adept version.

Congratulations! You now have everything you need to unlock Warden’s Law Adept and add it to your collection of powerful weapons in Destiny 2. Keep in mind that the Adept version can only drop from completing milestones like nightfall strikes or blind well activities once per week, so be patient. Good luck on your journey to obtaining this formidable hand cannon.

Tips for Faster Progression

When it comes to getting the Warden’s Law Adept, a legendary hand cannon in Destiny 2, players are often looking for faster ways to progress and acquire this powerful weapon. As with any quest or pursuit in the game, there are certain tips and strategies that can help speed up the progression process. In this section, we will discuss some of the best tips for faster progression towards obtaining the Warden’s Law Adept.

Focus on completing bounties and challenges – One of the most efficient ways to earn experience points (XP) and increase your level is by completing daily and weekly bounties as well as challenges. These tasks offer a significant amount of XP which helps you move up the ranks quicker and unlock powerful gear.

Participate in Public Events – Public events not only provide a fun multiplayer experience but also offer valuable rewards like XP, Glimmer, planetary materials, and even Exotic engrams. Make sure to complete them whenever they spawn in your patrol zones.

Join a fireteam – Playing with other players can make a huge difference when it comes to progression speed. By joining or forming a fireteam, you can complete activities like strikes, Crucible matches, or even story missions much faster than playing solo.

Equip Weapons/Armor with Exp Boosts – Some weapons and armor have perks that grant an extra boost of XP when equipped. Make sure to always have these items equipped during gameplay to maximize your XP gains.

Complete Lost Sectors & Adventures – Lost Sectors are mini-dungeons scattered throughout different locations in Destiny 2 that offer loot chests at the end which contain planetary materials as well as high-value targets who drop bonuses upon defeat—similarly adventures also provide decent amounts of XP and rewards.

Target Powerful Enemies – Defeating bosses and powerful enemies grants more XP than regular foes; thus targeting these higher-level enemies is an effective way to level up quickly.

Use Boons – Boons are consumable buffs that provide an increase in XP earned for a limited time period. These can be obtained from Eververse or as rewards from activities like Crucible, Gambit, and the Nightfall.

By following these tips and strategies, players can significantly speed up their progression towards obtaining the Warden’s Law Adept hand cannon. Remember to stay focused, join a fireteam if possible, and take advantage of all available resources to make the journey towards acquiring this coveted weapon smoother and more efficient. Happy hunting Guardian!

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