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What Mistakes Should I Avoid When Applying For VA Disability Benefits?

While fighting for your country is an admirable move, it can cause you some setbacks in your everyday life. You could develop PTSD and physical disabilities that make it harder to get a normal job and get back on your feet. If you’re in this position, you should be eligible to apply for VA disability benefits. But applying for these benefits is not as easy as it seems. There are rules and regulations that you need to follow and avoid mistakes to make sure you are applying for these benefits correctly. It’s best to research what information you need to receive benefits and get your life back in order.

Lack of Preparation

A major issue that veterans face when applying for these benefits is that they aren’t fully prepared. Meaning they are missing some forms or don’t have the right information on file. With these issues, you run the risk of being denied immediately without someone checking first. Make sure to gather all the important information such as medical and military service records before you start applying. That way you can avoid all the unnecessary delays and receive the benefits you deserve.

Inadequate Medical Evidence

If you submit medical evidence that isn’t clear or seems to be insufficient, then you might be denied your benefits. You must look through all the documents that lay out any injury or illness that you received while on active duty. That includes reaching out to doctors who have your accurate medical reports on file. Any test results that can back up all the claims you have about your physical condition. Whatever type of healthcare you receive; it needs to be documented in some way. That way you can link these conditions back to your military service days.

Missing the Filing Deadline

When it comes to applying for benefits, timing is important. These deadlines are put in place, so everyone has a fair shot in receiving their benefits. Many veterans aren’t receiving these benefits mainly because they missed the specific deadline. These timeframes can be hard to remember but it’s important to make a note somewhere on when the last day to file is. When you do that, avoid the risk of waiting too long and get your benefits at the right time.

Overlooking Secondary Conditions

There are times when veterans only focus on their obvious conditions. Which makes sense considering these conditions control their daily lives. However, other conditions affect their quality of life that they forget to write down. You can still receive benefits for these conditions as they are typically making your primary condition worse. Write down everything that you deal with and how these conditions make you feel so you can get the benefits you qualify for.

Not Using Professional Guidance

Sometimes veterans miss out on benefits because they filed their paperwork wrong. This is an understandable mistake as the paperwork tends to be tedious. Luckily, there are services available that can help veterans file their paperwork for them. The Veterans Service Organization can point you to agents who can give you a second opinion. With their guidance, you’re able to work on your benefits properly without missing any important details.

Failure to Appeal Denials

There are times when your first application gets denied. It happens as some specifics are easy to miss, causing you to be denied initially. But there’s still hope to get those benefits you deserve. Many veterans miss out simply because they didn’t file for an appeal after they were denied. You can go through the appeals process to show that you have a right to these benefits. This is where you bring the evidence that shows how your physical condition was only brought on because of your time in the military.

Inadequate Communication

It’s important to use effective communication when it comes to filing for your benefits. To have a successful application, you need to make sure that you are open and honest with all your information. You need to make sure that if anyone reaches out to you, that you respond to their questions. If they want you to attend specific medical examinations or appointments, write those down in a calendar so you don’t miss them. If something changes with your condition, reach out to the VA so they know what’s going on. If there’s clear communication, you’ll get your benefits in no time.

It can be an overwhelming process when it comes to applying for VA disability benefits. It’s easy to make a mistake and must wait around to apply again. If you follow the rules and research all the details you need, then your application process will go smoothly. If you feel like you’re missing something, don’t be afraid to reach out to assistants or legal professionals who are happy to help. It’s your right to receive the benefits that could keep you afloat, especially if you fought for your country. Make sure to file everything correctly so you can enjoy the rewards that come with these benefits.

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