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What to Look for in a Divorce Lawyer

The end of a marriage can be a financially draining and emotionally fraught affair and the stresses placed upon each party can be further compounded when there are children to consider. Throughout the divorce process you may be required to make difficult decisions regarding your assets, custody of any children and financial arrangements.

If the divorce is acrimonious these decisions can be contentious and may end up being resolved in a court of law. This is why the expertise of a skilled lawyer can help you to successfully navigate this chapter of your life and ensure your long-term interests are looked after. To help you choose the right attorney for your case, this article will outline some things to bear in mind when looking for a divorce lawyer.

Understand Their Role

Some marriages end amicably and for those couples divorce routes like mediation, collaborative divorce and uncontested divorces can be good options. Here, both parties are willing to work together to reach an agreement as to the terms of their divorce. On the other hand, disagreements and conflicts can result in contested divorces and those that result in litigation.

To ensure your attorney is aligned with your approach to conflict resolution, it is important to choose one who specializes in the type of divorce process you desire, helping you to achieve an optimal outcome for yourself and any children involved.

Ask Questions

When interviewing prospective divorce attorneys for your case, it is helpful to prepare some questions beforehand which can make your decision easier. Whether it’s regarding your retainer fee or your child support obligations, these questions can give you clarity regarding the specifics of your case as well as an insight into your potential working relationship together. Consider the following questions:

  • Have you handled cases similar to mine?
  • What are the various divorce routes you would recommend for my case?
  • Who gets the house in a Colorado divorce?
  • Will I receive spousal support?
  • How often will you update me on the progress of my case and how?
  • What is the estimated total cost for my divorce?
  • Can you provide a rough timeline for the different stages of the divorce process?
  • Do you foresee any potential obstacles or challenges we might face?
  • What is alimony?

Having answers to some of the most pertinent questions relating to your circumstances can help you manage your expectations and budget as well as put your mind at rest.

Client-Centered Focus

Beyond their credentials and knowledge of the law, your divorce lawyer should be someone who you feel comfortable handling your case and opening up to regarding sensitive information.

This is someone with whom you will be collaborating with to ensure the next chapter of your life is as stress-free and unencumbered from your past as possible. For optimal results, look for a lawyer who communicates clearly, is attentive and empathetic to your situation yet also maintains their sense of professionalism and commitment to achieving the best outcome for your case.

By allowing these tips to guide you when looking for a divorce lawyer to handle your case you can ensure you find legal representation that is aligned with your needs and that your best interests will be served.

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